Competitions, Contests & Performances

WSDC Registered Event

Contests & Competitions

  • We are a WSDC registry event!   We will be offering: Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, All-Star & Masters Divisions of Jack & Jill Competitions.
  • Strictly Swings  – The following Divisions will be offered: Newcomer/Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, All-Star & Masters
  • Pro/Am Competitions – Newcomer/Novice, Intermediate & Masters  Divisions will be offered for both Leaders and Followers for:
    • – Pro/Am Jack & Jills
    • – Pro/Am Strictly Swings

Competition Rules and Guidelines are available via a link in the Competition Staff Section of this website! It is the responsibility of each competitor to review and be familiar with all applicable Competition Rules!

Now an Event on the Season 3 Tour!

Trilogy Swing is pleased to join the Swing 16 Tour for Season 3!

Doug Rousar will be bringing the unique excitement of the Swing 16 Tour to Trilogy Swing!

For full details on Swing 16, please visit the website at:

We will have some exciting things happening at Trilogy Swing 2018!
In addition to now being a stop on the Rising Star Tour, we will also be showcasing the following:
  • Performances by JT Swing Teams (Sunday afternoon, following the completion of all Jack & Jill finals and the finals of the Swing 16 contest)
  • Teams (As part of the Saturday Evening competition activities)
  • Pro/Am Routines (Now  also on Saturday Evening!!)
  • Other Divisions (Masters Routines are planned; others tbd)

And, not to be missed:

  • Friday Night – Legends Invitational Jack & Jill
  • Saturday Night – the return of the Trilogy Threesome Invitational


Note: If you are competing in a Routine Division, Competition Rules and Guidelines are available via a link in the Competition Staff Section of this website! It is the responsibility of each competitor to review and be familiar with all applicable Competition Rules!

Intensives & Special Sessions

3 Hour Intensive
with 8 time US OPEN Champion Robert Royston

Time: Friday 4-7pm
Sold separately for $100

Robert is an 8 time US Open champion in 5 different divisions; a 7-time UCWDC world champion in 3 different divisions and a Member of 5 different dance hall of fames.

This intensive will continue to build on the concepts that Robert has been delivering in previous Intensives and Special Sessions that he has been delivering across the world over the last 12 months!!

This year, Robert will base the Intensive on the “Rules of Three”. He will cover and show some great techniques to help each attendee improve their ability to style and grow your dance (regardless of your level) – each of which happen in groups of three.  Through his extensive knowledge of dance, you will:

  • Engage in various drills, some of which you can do by yourself at home
  • Have a better understanding of both technique and concepts and, learn how to apply what you learn
  • Be able to decipher the myriad of opinions and approaches to implement the various concepts to bettering your dance regardless of your current level
  • Discussion, Q&A, and dance
  • Receive handouts

You will practice the information covered to gain a greater understanding of the topics presented and how to use it in your dancing for a better experience and conversation on the dance floor.

This intensive will show there are many ways to do the same thing right!

This is one you don’t want to miss!

Numbers are limited and pre-registration is required.

* Requirements: must have a weekend pass
* No Partner Necessary

Swag - Featuring WCS Champion Patty Vo and National Shag Champions Scott Campbell & Nikki Kontoulas!
Time: Sunday 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Sold separately for $60 (pre-registration (or $70 at-the-door)

Come join us for this unique and fun Intensive that will show you how to blend Shag with West Coast Swing. Shag is known for its fast and intricate footwork and West Coast Swing for its creative blends of styles.

By combining these two ingenious dance styles this 3-hour intensive will highlight and show you how to both improve your social dance abilities to the Blues and other music styles – as well as “raise your game” for bettering your competitive skills.

This game-changing and innovative curriculum will make a profound difference in how you dance to the Blues (as well as other genres of music).
In this Intensive, Patty, Scott and Nikki will address how to:
• Unlock movements and patterns that have been challenging you
• Fill in the gaps with the music
• Renovate and upgrade your dance skill-set
• Breakthrough plateaus in your dance progress
• Advance and evolve your repertoire on the social and competitive floor

Cost will be $60 per person / $70 at the door.
GPDIA - Taught By Michael Kiehm

Michael Kiehm will be offering his GPDIA Teacher’s Certification Course this year at Trilogy Swing.

We are excited that this year Michael will be conducting both  Level 1 as well as Level 2 Certification Courses over the course of the event weekend.

Level 1 will be conducted on Friday from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm.  Michael will be joined in teaching this course by Raleigh’s own Robin Smith!

Level 2 will be taught on Saturday from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm. For this session, Michael will be joined by the incomparable Robert Cordoba!

For more details on the GPDIA Teacher’s Certification courses, and to register, please visit the GPDIA website at:

All-Star MasterClass with Myles Munroe and Tessa Cunningham Munroe!
Time: Saturday: 3-6pm

Myles & Tessa will lead a “custom-tailored” Intensive where they will custom-design their signature All-Star MasterClass to deliver a unique blend of content based on what the attendees want – based on the results of an interactive survey of the All-Stars who will be in attendance.

For more information and to participate in the Interactive Survey and have a voice in what will be presented, please visit and engage in the discussion on the Facebook Page that has been set up for this Intensive – at:

This is a unique opportunity to learn from two highly accomplished professionals. Here are just some of the highlights which distinguish Myles & Tessa from many others:

Myles & Tessa are Canada’s West Coast Swing Champions and the highest ranked international dancers on both the NASDE and WSDC circuits. Myles 30 years of diverse dance training includes 6 UCWDC World Championship titles, and Tessa brings a professional coaching career to the partnership with university degrees in both Kinesiology and Education. As performers, they are known for their cutting-edge artistic choreography, innovative and high-risk acrobatics, and enviable musical expression. Their comedic approach and accessible delivery of correct foundational technique inspires and empowers students of all levels. Since 2002, they have been ambassadors for modern, authentic West Coast Swing: teaching, judging, performing and competing 35+ weekends a year, all over the world.

As a dancer, Myles is known for his ability to maintain his masculinity while being committed to efficient movement and technical aesthetics. As a teacher, he gets results: his critical eye can get to the source of the problem and actually solve it, with a positive, encouraging approach that is universally loved.

Tessa is the highest ranked female international dancer on both the NASDE and WSDC circuits and one of the most admired followers in West Coast Swing, known for her versatility, body control, and enviable musical expression. Her training, education and experience provide her with an incomparable insight to dance teaching methodology and movement analysis.  As a master teacher trainer, Tessa is the author of the Swing Literacy Development Method training programs and actively leads teacher training courses globally. Her positive, high-energy, palatable delivery of correct foundational technique inspires and empowers students of all levels, and allows faster progression and access to more fun!

If you have any questions about this Intensive or on how to register, please contact the Event Directors for details!

World Class Staff





Don’t miss our Friday night throwback INVITATIONAL J&J

Or the Saturday night Trilogy Three-Way Pro Show!!

Laureen Baldovi

Invitational J&J, Judge and Instructor

    Dawn Garrish

    Invitational J&J and Judging Panel

      Angel Figueroa

      Chief Judge & Invitational J&J

        Robert Royston

        Emcee, Invitational J&J, Workshop and Intensive

        Robert Cordoba

        Invitational J&J, Judge and Instructor

          Debbie Figueroa

          Invitational J&J, Judge and Instructor

            Jessica Cox

            Invitational J&J, Judge and Instructor

              John Lindo

              Invitational J&J, Instructor and DJ

                Michael Kiehm

                Invitational J&J, Judge and GPDIA Intensive

                  Barry Jones

                  Invitational J&J, Judge and Instructor

                    Patty Vo

                    Invitational J&J, Judge and Instructor

                      Kellese Key

                      Invitational J&J, Judge and Instructor

                        Deborah Székely

                        Invitational J&J

                          Matt Auclair

                          Invitational J&J, Judge and Instructor

                            John Festa

                            Invitational J&J, Judge and DJ Team

                              Debbie Ramsey Boz

                              Invitational J&J, Judge and Instructor

                                Markus & Tren

                                Workshop Instructors & Judging

                                  Myles & Tessa

                                  Intensive & Workshop Instructors

                                    Greg & Lemery

                                    Workshop Instructors & Judging

                                      Jerome & Bonnie Subey

                                      Workshop Instructors & Judging

                                        Sharole Lashe Negrete

                                        Primary Judging Panel

                                          Erica Smith

                                          Workshop Instructor and Judge

                                            Jake Haning

                                            Workshop Instructor and Judge

                                              Alyssa Gillespie

                                              GYDS Coordinator

                                                Gary Jobst

                                                Primary Judging Panel

                                                  Jason Barnes

                                                  Workshop Instructor and Judge

                                                    Jeff Mumford

                                                    Workshop Instructor and Judge

                                                      Doug Rousar

                                                      Swing 16 Coordinator, Instructor & Judge

                                                        Debbie Tuttle-Steffanina

                                                        Judging Panel & Workshop Instructor

                                                          Robin Smith

                                                          Workshop Instructor and Judge

                                                            Kay Newhouse

                                                            Workshop Instructors & Judging

                                                              Competition Staff

                                                              For reference and where applicable, Trilogy Swing will follow the essence of the WSDC Rules & Guidelines for all pertinent competitions.

                                                              For Rising Star and Swing 16, please refer to the Rules available on these respective websites.

                                                              Our goal is to run on-time competitions – Pre-registration is appreciated (it helps us plan and organize the contests)!

                                                              Results will be announced Saturday night (for Friday contests) and immediately following the JT Swing Team Performances on Sunday afternoon (for all Saturday contests and the WSDC J&J Competitions)!

                                                              John Bianchi & Doug Sudd

                                                              World Dance Registry - Registration & Scoring

                                                                Leah Noparstak

                                                                Contest Coordinator

                                                                  Stephanie Loveira

                                                                  Contest Manager

                                                                    Demery & Derek Leyva

                                                                    Competition Coordinators & Instructors

                                                                      DJ Staff

                                                                      Joining Victor as Head DJ, and to ensure great music for both our social dancing and competitions, Trilogy Swing is pleased to welcome the following DJ Team from both near and far!

                                                                      And, don’t be surprised to see some of our Staff who are known for their prowess in the DJ booth jump in for a set or two throughout the weekend!!

                                                                      Jes Ann Nail

                                                                      DJ Team

                                                                        Louis St. George

                                                                        Competitions & Social Dancing

                                                                          Katie Fallon

                                                                          Competitions & Social Dancing

                                                                            Ruby Lair

                                                                            Competitions & Social Dancing

                                                                              Jasson Phillips

                                                                              Late Night Social Dancing

                                                                                Anthony DeRosa

                                                                                Competitions & Social Dancing

                                                                                  Managment Team

                                                                                  Brought to you by:

                                                                                  Rick & Cindy Dauss

                                                                                  Owners & Event Directors

                                                                                    Victor Loveira

                                                                                    Co-Event Director & Head DJ

                                                                                      2018 Schedule

                                                                                      Subject to Change if/as needed based on contest entries.
                                                                                      Note: For planning purposes, please click below on the “Main” tab under each day for an overview of the Competition & Contest scheduled time frames. 

                                                                                      6:00 pm

                                                                                      Event Registration & Check-In Desk Opens

                                                                                      Registration Team
                                                                                      08:00 PM
                                                                                      Workshop - Something for Everybody!

                                                                                      Pre- Dance Workshop taught by Robert Royston

                                                                                      Robert Royston

                                                                                      Social Dancing – featuring music by some of out Trilogy DJ Team

                                                                                      Including: Victor Loveira, Jes Ann Nail, Jasson Phillips and others tbd

                                                                                      DJ's tbd
                                                                                      10:00 am - Midnight

                                                                                      Registration & Check-In

                                                                                      Contest Deadlines For Friday Competitions:

                                                                                      • Pro-Am J&J’s – Deadline is 5:30 pm
                                                                                      • Strictly Swings – Deadline is 7:30 pm
                                                                                      Friday Schedule - See Downloadable PDF for complete details

                                                                                      For those competing and for planning purposes:

                                                                                      • 7:00 pm – Pro/Am Jack & Jill’s (Am Leaders)
                                                                                        • Newcomer/Novice
                                                                                        • Intermediate
                                                                                        • Masters
                                                                                      • 8:00 pm – Pro/Am Jack & Jill’s (Am Followers)
                                                                                        • Newcomer/Novice
                                                                                        • Intermediate
                                                                                        • Masters
                                                                                      • 9:00 pm – Strictly Swing Contests
                                                                                        • Newcomer/Novice
                                                                                        • Intermediate
                                                                                        • Advanced
                                                                                        • Masters
                                                                                        • All-Star


                                                                                      10:00 am
                                                                                      See downloadable PDF Version for Complete Details (available via above link)

                                                                                      For Workshop Schedule & Details  – Please refer to the Downloadable PDF Schedule available via the above link.

                                                                                      Various throughout the weekend
                                                                                      Intensives and Special Sessions

                                                                                      We will be offering a selection of Intensives and Special Sessions!

                                                                                      Details are available on the Downloadable PDF Schedule as well as in the Intensive & Specialty Session Section on this website.

                                                                                      Over the course of the weekend, the following will be offered in the Crystal Coast Ballroom:

                                                                                      • GPDIA Teacher’s Certification Training (Levels 1 & 2)
                                                                                        • Friday 10am-4pm: Level 1 – with Michael Kiehm & Robin Smith
                                                                                        • Saturday 9am-2pm: Level 2 – w/M. Kiehm & Robert Cordoba
                                                                                      • Intensives by:
                                                                                        • Robert Royston – Friday: 4-7pm
                                                                                        • Myles Monroe & Tessa Cunningham-Monroe – Saturday: 3-6pm
                                                                                        • SWAG – featuring WCS Champion Patty Vo together with Shag Champions Scott Campbell & Nikki Kontoulas – Sunday: 10am-1pm


                                                                                      10:00 - until
                                                                                      Private Lessons

                                                                                      When not in use for Scheduled Activities and Specialty Sessions, this room will be available for private lessons.

                                                                                      10:00 am - Midnight

                                                                                      Registration & Check-In

                                                                                      Contest Deadlines For Saturday Competitions:

                                                                                      • Pro-Am Striclty Swings – Deadline is 9:30 am
                                                                                      • WSDC J&J’s and Swing 16 – Deadline is 1:00 pm
                                                                                      • All Routine Divisions – Deadline is 7:00 pm
                                                                                      10:00 am
                                                                                      Saturday Schedule - See downloadable PDF for Complete Details

                                                                                      See downloadable PDF for Complete Details!

                                                                                      For those competing and for planning purposes:

                                                                                      • 11:00 am – Pro/Am Strictly Swings (Am Leaders)
                                                                                        • Newcomer/Novice
                                                                                        • Intermediate
                                                                                        • Masters
                                                                                      • Noon – Pro/Am Strictly Swings (Am Followers)
                                                                                        • Newcomer/Novice
                                                                                        • Intermediate
                                                                                        • Masters
                                                                                      • 2:00 pm – Swing 16 Prelims
                                                                                      • 2:30 pm – WSDC J&J’s – Prelims and Semis (as needed)
                                                                                        • Novice
                                                                                        • Newcomer
                                                                                        • Masters
                                                                                        • Intermediate
                                                                                        • Advanced
                                                                                      • 9:00 – 11:00 pm – Routine Divisions
                                                                                        • Master’s Routines
                                                                                        • Team Routines
                                                                                        • Pro-Am Routines
                                                                                        • Rising Star Tour Routines
                                                                                      10:00 am
                                                                                      Saturday Schedule Overview

                                                                                      For the complete details, please refer to the Downloadable PDF Schedule available via the above link.

                                                                                      10:00 am
                                                                                      Intensives and Special Sessions

                                                                                      For the complete details, please refer to the Downloadable PDF Schedule available via the above link.

                                                                                      8:00 am - until
                                                                                      Private Lessons

                                                                                      We will be providing a dedicated room for private lessons and specialty classes throughout the weekend.

                                                                                      9:00 am

                                                                                      Registration & Check-In

                                                                                      The Sign-Up Deadline for the All-Star J&J is 11:30 am!!


                                                                                      10:00 am
                                                                                      Sunday Schedule - Please see the downloadable PDF Schedule for details (via link above)

                                                                                      Please refer to the Downloadable PDF Schedule for Details.

                                                                                      For those competing and for planning purposes:

                                                                                      • 1:00 pm – All-Star J&J Prelims
                                                                                      • 1:30 pm – WSDC J&J’s – Heated Finals (Masters, Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate & Advanced)
                                                                                      • 2:45 pm – All-Star J&J Spotlighted Finals
                                                                                      • 4:00 pm – Swing 16 Finals
                                                                                      • 4:30 pm – JT Swing Team & Other Select Special Performances
                                                                                      • 5:00 pm – All Awards for Saturday and Sunday Competitions
                                                                                      10:00 am
                                                                                      Sunday Schedule - See PDF Schedule for Details

                                                                                      For the complete details, please refer to the Downloadable PDF Schedule available via the above link.

                                                                                      10:00 am
                                                                                      Intensives and Special Sessions

                                                                                      For the complete details, please refer to the Downloadable PDF Schedule available via the above link.

                                                                                      8:00 am - 4:00 pm
                                                                                      Private Lessons

                                                                                      We will be providing space for private lessons throughout the weekend

                                                                                      7:00 pm until ??????
                                                                                      After-Party Workshop & Dance

                                                                                      Farewell Dance Party

                                                                                      We are excited to confirm that, for the first time, Trilogy Swing will be hosting Sunday Evening activities at the event hotel!!!

                                                                                      7:00 pm – Workshop taught by Bonnie & Jerome Subey

                                                                                      8:00 pm – until ????? – Social Dance

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                                                                                      Shortest way to explore what will happen on Ventcamp

                                                                                      Event tickets

                                                                                      Don’t delay –  Pre-Registration is available through the Tickets Link on this website.  Prices for weekend passes will increase at-the-door.

                                                                                      WSDC Jack & Jill
                                                                                      • Newcomer *(only $10)*
                                                                                      • Novice
                                                                                      • Intermediate
                                                                                      • Masters
                                                                                      • Advanced
                                                                                      • All-Star
                                                                                      Register Now
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                                                                                      • Full Weekend Pass
                                                                                      • Workshops
                                                                                      • Social Dancing
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                                                                                      Specialty Options
                                                                                      • Royston Intensive
                                                                                      • SWAG intensive
                                                                                      • All-Star Intensive
                                                                                      • GPDIA Teachers Certification
                                                                                      • Other Contests/Competitions (Strictly Swings - Pro/Ams - etc...)

                                                                                      Get Your Tickets Now!

                                                                                      Trilogy Swing is a WSDC Registry Event and part of the 2018 Rising Star Tour.


                                                                                      Trilogy Swing is proud to be a Member of and Affiliated with the following organizations


                                                                                      Trilogy Swing would like to thank the following people and companies for their support!

                                                                                      Adela Su & Eddie Karoliussen  –  Richard & Susan Defelice  –  Buz & Debi McCreary  –  Larry & Lisa Delaney

                                                                                      Betty Peters (SBP Productions)  –  Justin Wolcott (Justified Homes, Inc)  –  Steve & Teresa Sagraves (Fresh Fruit 2 Go)

                                                                                      DC Party-Bus

                                                                                      No Stress - Ride in Comfort!

                                                                                      It’s Confirmed – The DC- Party Bus to Trilogy is again happening!

                                                                                      We have once again arranged for a 56-person, Coachways bus with all the amenities.

                                                                                      Travel in style and comfort, and arrive at the event rested and ready to dance all weekend!

                                                                                      Then, sleep on the way back home as you begin your recovery from being SwungOver!

                                                                                      Round Trip (Friday - Sunday)

                                                                                      As we have done the last two years, plans are to once again depart from Westfield Montgomery Mall in Bethesda, MD on Friday morning around 9:00 am (to ensure arrival at the event in time for those riding the bus to participate in Friday afternoon activities, including the Royston Intensive).

                                                                                      The return trip will departing the event on Sunday afternoon shortly after all competitions, performances and award ceremonies have been completed, with a planned arrival at the origination point prior to midnight.

                                                                                      Final details will be posted both here and on the Facebook Event page closer to the event weekend.  In addition, for those riding the bus, we will contact you directly prior to the Friday morning departure with specific details and instructions.

                                                                                      Note:  Based on there being no registrations for people from the Richmond and surrounding area to participate – we will not be adding a planned/scheduled pick-up / drop-off stop.  There will still likely be a quick stop in the area for a food, beverage & bathroom break …… so, if anyone decides at the last minute that they would like to join in on the fun, and if there is room on the bus, we may be able to accommodate you.

                                                                                      Please contact the Event Directors if you are interested.

                                                                                      What to Expect During the Trip

                                                                                      For those who have ridden the DC- Party bus in prior years, you know what to expect!!!  (And, just a reminder, since alcohol consumption is allowed, you must be 21 or older to ride the bus).

                                                                                      For those looking to take advantage of this fun-filled opportunity, while we are still working out final details, we are excited to announce that once again Richard & Susan DeFelice have offered to coordinate and act as our Host & Hostess on the bus!

                                                                                      Along with food, drinks, games, and other entertainment, this year we are pleased to announce that staff members Kay Newhouse, Erica Smith, Greg Scott, Lemery Rollins, Markus Smith and Tren Veal have indicated that they will be riding the bus to and from the event!

                                                                                      Join many of your friends, members of the JT Swing Teams, and others for what is sure to be a rollicking good time on the way to the event, and a relaxing ride back home!

                                                                                      Hotel Information

                                                                                      Our Room Block at the Event Hotel is currently  SOLD OUT!

                                                                                      Due to demand, we have added a block of rooms at an overflow hotel – Springhill Suites RDU Airport/Research Triangle Park (920 Slater Road, Durham, NC).  The overflow hotel is located directly across the parking lot from the event space in the Sheraton. For reservations at the Springhill Suites, please call 919-998-9500 and ask for code:  HSEA to receive the group rate.

                                                                                      If you have a room that you will not be needing, are looking for roommates to share your room, or are looking for a spot in a room, please use the TRILOGY SWING Roomies, Rides & Strictly Swing Dance Partners page to connect with fellow attendees!   The link for that page is:


                                                                                      Please do not cancel a reservation without first posting it’s availability – we have people looking for rooms!!!